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    User Experience (UX) Design

    A Good User Experience drives traffic to your Website

    The success of a website is measured by the number of its visitors and their conversion rate. What can you do to bring more traffic to your website? Well, the answer is quite simple; provide your users a great experience!

    website UX design

    UX Design means a website design built to enhance user satisfaction. 

    People nowadays have very short attention spans. Similarly, Google will not index websites that are:

    • Too long to load
    • confusing in their navigation
    • have low quality graphics, and
    • contain boring and irrelevant content

    So, how do we improve UX on our websites.!?

    • A good First Impression
      Users explore a website further only when the landing page is quick, readable, and attractive.
    • Mobile First Optimisation
      The better your website looks, feels, and performs across different screen sizes, the more traffic it generates.
      Googles 'mobile first' ranking algorithm, along with your prospective customers, favours a website that is optimised for mobile devices.
      Google Analytics data we gather from our client websites shows that at least 80% of web traffic originates from mobile devices.
    • Content is King
      Yes, an old adage that I have used many times!.... BUT nothing is more important than good content. Whether it be text, or preferably, text and 'info-graphics'; if it is informative and interesting it will see users return to your site again and again.
      Additionally, the more relevant the content the higher your website will rank on search engines.
    • Logical Navigation
      We have seen so many badly designed navigation systems over the years. Keeping your content managed within a simple and logical menu system is critical.
      Content 'hooks' on your home page, and internal links within your content, add another dimension convenience and logic to your UX design.

    Web Design Domain's Care & Maintenance Packages are designed to coach clients in all aspects of these, and future, aspects of UX and SEO Campaigns.

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