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    Google May 2020 Core Update

    Google has announced a "broad core algorithm update". 

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    What this means is that Google has made significant core changes to its ranking system and are designed to produce widely noticeable effects across search results in all countries in all languages.

    Specifically, the changes target what is known as 'thin content'. Thin content basically refers to content that’s short, of poor quality, and lacks 'subject' relevancy. Pages containing thin content will be down ranked on Google searches.

    The 'up-side' to this announcement is that 'long content', on the other hand, can significantly improve your SE ranking. If you want to outrank your on-line competitors, you must create content of the highest quality and of significant 'length'. This does not mean that all web pages contain '3000 word masterpieces' as some pages should be consise and contain 'hooks' to further reading.

    In strategic areas, however, some pages must deliver more value than other websites competing for a rank #1 for the same keyword. This is where long content can deliver a significant ranking advantage.

    So what can you do now to satisfy the 'Google God' ??  Two simple tasks:

    1. Update your old content. Outdated links, stats, thin content that doesn’t cover a topic extensively – all these should be nixed and replaced with content that meets user needs and Google’s standards (luckily, they are one and the same thing!)
    2. Keep publishing content regularly. Invest in long-form content that’s well-written and well-researched.

    If you would like further information and help creating long content for your website please Contact Us.

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